Small Boats Head 2018 results

Small Boats Head 2018 (Main)

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Finish Pos.,Start No.,Club,Crew,Status,Time,Actual,Cat winner,

1,201,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-SMITH-3,Op 4x-,,9.14,,W,,

2,410,St Ives Rowing Club,SIV-CROUCH,J16 2x,,9.35,,W,,

3,402,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-WJ18 4X-,W 4x-,,9.45,,W,,

4,303,Star Club,STA-GALE-2,J18 2x,,9.47,,W,,

5,202,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-PAUL-2,Op 4+,,10.09,,W,,

6,304,Bedford School Boat Club,BDS-HOPCROFT-2,Op 2-,,10.15,,,,

7,401,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-BRAY,Op 4x-,,10.18,,,,

8,101,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-LUFFMAN,J16 4+,,10.20,,W,,

9,103,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-JARMAN,Op 1x (1),,10.24,,W,,

9,418,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-MCLEOD-2,W J15 4x+ (1),,10.24,,W,,

11,308,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-WATSON,W J16 4x-,,10.28,,W,,

12,206,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-SMITH,W J16 4x-,,10.30,,,,

13,413,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-GISBY-2,W J16 2x,,10.33,,W,,

14,407,St Ives Rowing Club,SIV-GILBEY,MasD 1x,,10.36,,W,,

15,216,Kings School Ely Boat Club,KSE-MARTIN,J15 4x+,,10.38,,W,,

17,102,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-LITTLE,J16 4+,,10.39,,,,

17,207,Bedford School Boat Club,BDS-LYON,J17 1x (1),,10.39,,W,,

18,204,Bedford School Boat Club,BDS-ABRAHAM,J18 1x,,10.40,,W,,

19,417,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-BURROWS,J15 4x+,,10.41,,,,

20,205,Bedford School Boat Club,BDS-ROBERTS,J18 1x,,10.42,,,,

21,329,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-RAINBOW,J14 4x+,,10.45,,W,,

21,107,Oundle School Boat Club,OUN-JAMES,J18 1x,,10.45,,,,

21,405,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-LAWRENCE,Op 1x (1),,10.45,,,,

24,110,Oundle Town Rowing Club,OUT-HEANEY,MasE 2x,T/O,10.46,,,,

25,106,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-HERBERT,J18 1x,,10.48,,,,

26,104,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-WALKER,Op 1x (1),,10.51,,,,

27,306,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-HOLDAWAY,J18 2x,,10.58,,,,

28,302,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-CHINN,Op 4+,,10.59,,,,

29,209,Star Club,STA-WHITE,J17 1x (1),,11.00,,,,

29,213,Star Club,STA-GALE,J16 1x,,11.00,,W,,

29,408,St Ives Rowing Club,SIV-ASHMORE,MasE 1x,,11.00,,W,,

32,411,Star Club,STA-UPEX-2,W J18 2x,,11.01,,W,,

33,111,Star Club,STA-STACEY,J17 1x (1),,11.02,,,,

34,203,Bedford School Boat Club,BDS-HOPCROFT,Op 1x (1),,11.03,,,,

35,421,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-APPS-2,W J15 2x,,11.04,,W,,

36,316,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-EAGER,J17 1x (3),,11.08,,W,,

37,133,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-RUDD,W J15 4x+ (1),,11.16,,,,

38,109,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-PAUL,Op 1x (2),,11.18,,W,,

39,321,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-CARR-2,J16 1x,,11.22,,,,

40,105,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-PELUSO,J18 1x,,11.23,,,,

40,210,Star Club,STA-NGWANG,Op 1x (3),,11.23,,W,,

42,116,Star Club,STA-TILDS,J17 1x (2),,11.24,,W,,

42,114,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-SMITH-2,J17 1x (2),,11.24,,W,,

44,301,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-HANFORD,Op 4+,,11.26,,,,

44,115,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-YOUNG,J17 1x (2),,11.26,,,,

46,314,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-WILLIAMS,MasD 1x,,11.28,,,,

46,420,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-TUCKER-2,W J14 4x+,,11.28,,W,,

48,219,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-HUNTER,J15 2x,,11.29,,W,,

49,136,Star Club,STA-MOORE,W J15B 4x+,T/O,11.30,,,,

50,108,Oundle School Boat Club,OUN-STRINGER,J18 1x,,11.31,,,,

51,134,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-BRITTAIN,W J15 4x+ (1),,11.33,,,,

52,128,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-RYLEY,W J16 2x,,11.35,,,,

52,422,Isle of Ely Rowing Club,IEL-PALMER,W J15 1x (2),,11.35,,W,,

54,416,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-GISONNI,W 4x+,,11.36,,,,

55,221,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-READ,W J17 1x,,11.37,,W,,

55,333,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-WEBB,W J15 2x,,11.37,,,,

57,214,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-ROWE,W 1x (1),,11.38,,W,,

57,313,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-STADDON,MasD 1x,,11.38,,,,

59,319,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-MARTIN,MasE 1x,,11.39,,,,

60,119,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-NEILL (B),MasB/C 1x,,11.40,11.40,W,,

61,323,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-COX,J16 1x,,11.44,,,,

62,335,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-WALLER-2,W J14 4x+,,11.45,,,,

62,226,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-KNOWLES (E),W MasC/E 2x,,11.45,12.16,W,,

64,230,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-PENN,W J15 1x (1),,11.46,,W,,

65,320,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-SHEPPARD,J16 1x,,11.47,,,,

66,125,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-TAYLOR,W MasE 4+,T/O,11.49,,,,

66,325,Star Club,STA-TUCKER-2,W J16 1x,,11.49,,W,,

68,208,Bedford School Boat Club,BDS-GILES,J17 1x (1),,11.52,,,,

69,409,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-HETHERINGON,MasE 1x,,11.54,,,,

69,315,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-SMY,J16 2x,,11.54,,,,

69,318,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-MARJANOVIC,J15 2x,,11.54,,,,

69,419,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-STEVENS,W J14 4x+,,11.54,,,,

73,235,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-GISBY,W J15 1x (2),,11.55,,,,

74,212,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-STIRLING,Op 1x (3),,11.56,,,,

75,307,Erith Rowing Club,ERT-DADEN,J18 2x,,11.59,,,,

76,129,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-EDWARDS,J15 4x+,,12.00,,,,

77,126,Star Club,STA-KNIGHT (C),W MasC/E 2x,,12.01,12.01,,,

78,231,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-KIRKHAM-2,W J15 1x (1),,12.03,,,,

78,403,Isle of Ely Rowing Club,IEL-MOSS,W 4x-,,12.03,,,,

80,121,Star Club,STA-UPEX,W J18 1x,,12.05,,W,,

80,229,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-APPS,W J15 1x (1),,12.05,,,,

80,218,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-BRITTAIN-2,W J18 1x,,12.05,,W,,

83,322,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-SHAIKH,J16 1x,,12.07,,,,

84,112,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-AVIS,J17 1x (2),,12.08,,,,

85,415,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-ECHEVESTE,W 1x (2),,12.10,,W,,

86,118,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-HILL,J17 1x (3),,12.12,,,,

87,222,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-EALES,W J17 1x,,12.15,,,,

88,412,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-CROSSLEY,W J18 2x,,12.16,,,,

89,309,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-SHAW,Op 1x (2),,12.18,,,,

90,423,St Ives Rowing Club,SIV-HASTED,W J15 1x (2),,12.19,,,,

90,232,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-NEWMAN-3,W J15 1x (1),,12.19,,,,

92,330,Kings School Ely Boat Club,KSE-SCHOSLAND,W J15 4x+ (2),,12.24,,W,,

93,130,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-TURNER,W 1x (2),,12.27,,,,

94,317,Erith Rowing Club,ERT-HARRIS,J17 1x (3),,12.30,,,,

95,122,Oundle School Boat Club,OUN-KUNZER,W J18 1x,,12.33,,,,

96,311,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-NOBLE-LAYNG,Op 1x (2),,12.34,,,,

97,123,Oundle School Boat Club,OUN-WHITE,W J17 1x,,12.37,,,,

98,127,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-WILSON,W 2x,,12.38,,W,,

99,312,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-KROON,Op 1x (3),,12.41,,,,

100,224,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-KIRKHAM,J14 4x+,,12.42,,,,

101,225,Kings School Ely Boat Club,KSE-MOORE,W J15 4x+ (1),,12.44,,,,

102,334,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-DIGNAM,J15 1x,T/O,12.46,,,,

103,234,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-RIGBY,W J15 1x (2),,12.48,,,,

104,332,Kings School Ely Boat Club,KSE-MADICHIE,W J15 4x+ (2),,12.49,,,,

105,406,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-TRIPPICK (C),MasB/C 1x,,12.51,13.03,,,

106,310,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-LITTLE-2,Op 1x (2),,12.56,,,,

107,124,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-FIDEGNON,W J17 1x,,12.59,,,,

108,233,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-MCLEOD,W J15 1x (1),,13.00,,,,

109,327,Fairlop Rowing Club,FRC-ARGYLE,W J16 1x,,13.03,,,,

109,215,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-NGWANG,W 1x (1),,13.03,,,,

111,117,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-CARR,J17 1x (3),,13.12,,,,

112,236,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-CULLIS,W J15 1x (2),,13.23,,,,

113,328,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-ROCHE (C),W MasC/E 2x,,13.29,13.29,,,

114,131,Oundle School Boat Club,OUN-HAMILTON-CHARLTON,W 1x (2),,13.30,,,,

115,223,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-HEAPPEY,W J17 1x,,13.34,,,,

116,331,Kings School Ely Boat Club,KSE-ELLIS,W J15 4x+ (2),,13.46,,,,

117,326,Star Club,STA-RANDS,W J16 1x,,13.51,,,,

118,228,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-LEATHAM,W 1x (2),,13.56,,,,

119,220,Erith Rowing Club,ERT-BURCHELL,W 2x,,13.58,,,,

120,404,Isle of Ely Rowing Club,IEL-OKEANE,W 4x-,,14.20,,,,

,135,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-JUPE,W J16 1x,,DNF,,,,

,113,Bedford Modern School Boat Club,BMS-SANDERS,J17 1x (2),,DNS,,,,

,132,Star Club,STA-ROBERTS,J15 1x,,DNS,,,,

,211,Star Club,STA-SHARP,Op 1x (3),,DNS,,,,

,227,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-NICHOLLS,W J16 2x,,DNS,,,,

,120,Star Club,STA-TARRANT,W J18 1x,,SCR,,,,

,217,Kings School Ely Boat Club,KSE-MORGAN,J15 4x+,,SCR,,,,

,305,Bedford School Boat Club,BDS-KING,Op 2-,,SCR,,,,

,324,St Neots Rowing Club,SNE-HELLETT,W 1x (1),,SCR,,,,

,414,St Ives Rowing Club,SIV-MADDISON,W J18 1x,,SCR,,,,


Small Boats Head 2018 (Mini)

[table sort=”asc” width=”1100″ colwidth=”75|75|300|200|125|100|75|0|0″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left|left|left|left|left|right”]
Finish Pos.,Start No.,Club,Crew,Status,Time,Actual,Cat winner,

1,336,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-RAY-2,J13B 2x,,5.14,W

2,424,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-DUNN,J13B 2x,,5.18,

3,243,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-RAY,J13B 1x,,5.33,W

4,245,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-NEWMAN-2,W J13B 1x,,5.35,W

5,240,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-DRURY,W J14B 1x,,5.39,W

6,337,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-TUCKER,W J14B 1x,,5.40,

7,339,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-BROWN,W J14B 1x,,5.45,

8,238,Erith Rowing Club,ERT-LLESHI,W J15B 2x,T/O,5.46,

9,338,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-COOPER-2,W J14B 1x,,5.50,

10,241,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-REDFEARN,W J14B 1x,,5.51,

11,239,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-WALLER,W J14B 1x,,5.56,

12,242,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-COOPER,W J14B 1x,,5.59,

13,137,Huntingdon Boat Club,HUN-JACKSON,W J13B 1x,,6.04,

14,244,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-LUNN,W J13B 1x,,6.05,

15,425,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-JAMES,J13B 1x,,6.11,

16,340,Nottingham and Union Rowing Club,NUN-GROCOCK,W J13B 1x,,6.43,